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List to Array conversion optimisation

I’ve started heavily messing around with profilers recently trying to scrape a millisecond here and there out of some of the more lurid and extravagant processes that my String parsers like to engage in since the gap between what is completely unfeasible and what will actually make a difference has narrowed considerably over the past week or so.

One thing which I did recently  spot as a big win was the replacement of something I wrote back in the Dark Ages by candlelight with a phoenix-quill pen in unicorn’s blood on chimaera-skin parchment, an iterative method for converting a List of Strings to an array of Strings. In the cold light of day, the recognition that one can write such convoluted and obviously inefficient nonsense and maintain it without really questioning it for so long is quite sobering. Less, in this case, to cite the poet Robert Browning, truly is more.

The new improved and much-abridged method is a) significantly shorter and altogether more obvious in what its intent is (always a sign that things are improving in one’s code!) and b) typically runs somewhere between 5 and 20 times faster in my stress harnesses dependant on the sizes and types of String it is dealing with. I’m obliged to maintain it for the time being albeit with a Deprecated annotation since it is a horribly pervasive method appearing here and there in a lot of my Dark Ages Java coding. I could just have renamed the methods but I feel that keeping them distinct will force me to revisit code that makes use of the now-deprecated method, not, in itself, a bad thing since similar monsters may be there within. I will get round to those references though…. I promise…

     * Converts a list to an array -OPTIMAL METHOD
     * @param l Inst
     * @return String array emanating from list
    private String[] strArrayFromList(List<String> list)
    return  list.toArray(new String[0]) ;

     * Converts a list to an array DEPRECATED, use the more efficient  strArrayFromList (see above) 
     * @param lInst List to process
     * @return String array derived from incoming list
    public String[] listToArray(List<String> lInst)
    int k = lInst.size();
    String[] out = new String[k];
    Iterator it = lInst.iterator();
    int ctr = 0;
    while( it.hasNext())
    out[ctr] = it.next().toString();
    ctr++; }
     return out;

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